Shawn SchillingShawn Schilling created the medium of infused metal sculpture. She designs all of her artistic pieces to hang on the walls of today’s homes and commercial entities. Scenes can be created to fit any interest or focus and to fit your space requirements. Her work is customized to each individual setting that enhances flair of feelings and emotion. The scenes use your wall much as a mural with the added advantage of dimension. To date Shawn has created dynamic scenes as wide as 15 feet.

Shawn creates her realistic scenes with a symmetry rarely seen in a metal medium. She combines a painter’s style with hard metal to create an aura of mystery and awe that rivets your mind and draws you into its essence. The art is rich, expressive, and throws off livable warmth.

The metal of a Steel Reflections sculpture catches light from different angles, radiating ‘peacock’ colors of copper, reds, blues and greens as the sculpture draws the viewer into the layered landscape of shape, color, and dimension. Each piece of sculpture is carefully thought out, planned, and drawn on to steel. Using a hand-held cutting torch, Shawn makes precision cuts, creating highly-detailed, life-like, three dimensional scenes. A proprietary process of infusing steel with various reflective minerals is used to create brilliant colors with a mother-of-pearl-like finish. Each piece is unique and truly a work of art. So that you can learn more about her process, Shawn shares how it is made



Husband William

Shawn’s mother, Susie, and her husband, William, work right alongside her, helping to keep things going. They both understand the artistic process and assist with preparation for patina. Both William and Susie helps with office administration including book work and packaging and shipping the artwork. As a team, they put in countless hours creating your special scene.



Thoughts From & About the Artist

My breath hangs frozen caught unaware by the soft streams of light drifting lazily down through gnarled silhouettes of branches changing carelessly overhead. A thousand worlds gleam distant lights against a blue black sky
crisp night air descends yet nips playfully at my spirit. Joy flows hot, pulsing in my veins fingers itch to hold this moment closer. No fear hides here, in this darkness rather curiosity for what lies in its velvet recesses. Shadows upon shadows coverings only till dawn’s breaking.