How Steel Reflections is Made

The metal of a Steel Reflections sculpture catches light from different angles, radiating ‘peacock’ colors of copper, reds, blues and greens as the sculpture draws the viewer into the layered landscape of shape, color, and dimension. Soothing and calming, the sculptures do not require, but can be enhanced by, special lighting to reflect the luminous effect of the various colors of the art. The art adapts to various allotted spaces, using your wall as a canvas. Once hung, the art is virtually maintenance free, only requiring occasional light dusting.

Some facts about how each piece is made

    1. Every individual component, of the three dimensional scenes, are thought out, planned, and drawn on to steel.
    2. Using a hand-held cutting torch, NOT A LASER, each delicate precision cut is made, creating highly-detailed, individual components, to be later layered, into a dramatic, life-like, three dimensional scene .
    3. Each scene, with all of its detail, is a unique creation unto itself. No two pieces are exactly alike. Each scene is truly AN ORIGINAL.
    4. The brilliant colors, and mother of pearl like finish, are created by infusing the steel, with various reflective minerals, and delicate airbrushing enhancements, thus producing a realistic creation, with vibrant peacock like colors. The colors will appear to change, through out the day, as the light source, and types of light change, thus giving the same ever-changing appearance, as that in nature. This proprietary process uses 18 individual steps together to create the final work of art.
    5. Finished with a clear sealer, the art is protected from changing color, fading, and moisture.
    6. Every piece is named and signed by the artist.
    7. Each piece has a felted backing to protect your walls.
    8. To care for your metal wall art, all that is needed is a soft, damp cloth or feather duster.

The Steel Reflections sculpture pieces arrive ready to hang. Each piece is designed and constructed to be mounted at different distances from the wall to create the stunning 3-dimensional effect. You may purchase one or two pieces now, later adding to your scene as your art expands to meet your vision. If you wish, you can purchase one of our available original scenes or you can customize your own work of art. Shawn will personally work with you to achieve your home or business’ perfect ‘signature’ piece of art.

Shawn has created over 3,000 metal wall art sculptures in over 35 years. To see a sample of our work, visit our Portfolio. Every home is unique. You can see our artwork in many different homes and businesses and see what others have said about our artwork.