We know the importance of getting your artwork to you in a safe, careful manner so as to ensure your continued enjoyment for years to come. The video to the right will show you how we pack your artwork before it leaves our facility. It will show you what you can expect when you open the box and how to unpack each piece of artwork to prevent damaging any piece as you remove it from the packaging.

Steps to remember:

  1. Each piece is wrapped in newspaper and taped to a piece of cardboard
  2. The hanging screw is taped to the back of each piece of art
  3. Do not pull the pieces free from the cardboard without cutting or removing the tape first. This can result in bending the artwork and damage to the clear coat can result.
  4. Do not stack the pieces once removed from the packaging to prevent damage.

If you have questions

We realize that you may have questions that we haven’t answered here. We have been packing and shipping metal wall art sculptures for more than 35 years and have many more answers and helpful tips. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.