The video to the right will show you how to prepare and hang your metal wall artwork. When you receive your artwork, there are several steps and some tips that will make the process easier for you.

The primary steps include:

  1. Hang the template.
  2. Label the hanging marks.
  3. Put in your screws.
  4. Hang the pieces of art.

Some helpful tips include:

  1. It is good to layer your pieces and not spread them out. This give more dimension to the final artwork.
  2. When putting screws into the wall, leave them sticking out between 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch.
  3. Screws can be drilled directly into the sheetrock and will support the weight of the artwork pieces; no stud is needed for any piece of your scene.
  4. Save your hanging template for later use if you decide to move the artwork.
  5. Be sure to hang the pieces in the order depicted on the hanging instructions.
  6. As needed, clean the art with window cleaner and a soft cloth or a feather duster.

If you have questions

We realize that you may have questions that we haven’t answered here. We have been creating metal wall art sculptures for more than 35 years and have many more answers and helpful tips. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.